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Herbal Remedies for Healthy Skin & Nails - Gleaming Skin, Hair, Nails Formula

Gleaming Skin, Hair, Nails Formula

Gleaming Skin, Hair, Nails Formula

Beauty is everything that is getting all around. If you are being good-looking you are better off in this world, at all ages and walks of our life we have seen many people who judge a person by look, those who are attractive people are treated better and cut more slack. Like you may observe this thing in schools where teachers favour more to attract students, and also make them smarter. Attractive adults gain better success in their life whether it is in dating or mating even if sometimes they get paid more for their job. There is no doubt that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, in every culture, there is a consideration for pretty and handsome faces, and our brain is such a great beauty detector, it is able to judge faces even before meeting.

Now, the query is, does beauty really lie deep in the skin tissue, or in an attractive face, or does it reflect our underlying good qualities? Actually, our faces are sculpted by hormones, two faces can never be the same, even our two halves are not exactly the same, this all depends upon the ratio between testosterone to oestrogen or oestrogen to testosterone ratio.

Many factors can play a major role in defining personal attractiveness- it can be defined by attractive hair, attractive skin, attractive nails, the way you dress, and the way you talk or carry yourself but when we meet for the first time we see their face. So beauty on your face is very much necessary. Everyone should aim to look their best and be fit at the same time. It will help you succeed in life. Everybody dreams of having beautiful hair, strong nails, and flawless skin, and this dream could easily become a reality. Planet Ayurveda provides a beneficial product that is very effective in helping people to reach their goals and get perfect glowing and smooth skin.

Gleaming skin, hair, nails formula is manufactured by Planet Ayurveda that is a GMP-certified company that provides a hundred percent natural and pure products that are very helpful in attaining wonderful results on our skin. The products that are prepared here, are free from colours, fillers, dyes, and many harmful chemical components, this product is rich in essential nutrients that are helpful in maintaining the glow of the skin and healing the body from the inside.

Benefits of Gleaming Skin, Hair, Nails Formula

  • This formulation is highly recommended for those who have acne, dryness, or itching all over the body.
  • It is also very helpful in non-healing wounds and can even heal burns or boils without leaving any scar formation.
  • Its wonderful ingredients particularly manjishtha are a great blood purifier so it helps to cleanse the bloodstream and that is why it is great for our skin tissue.
  • This formulation helps to detoxify the body by eliminating the toxins. This herbal articulation helps in skin rejuvenation and gives firmness, smoothness, and perfect elasticity to the body.
  • Gleaming skin, hair, nails formula has various health benefits like it is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and is hepatoprotective and cardiogenic formulation.
  • It helps to grow our hair and nails stronger with proper moisture and keep them healthy.
  • It gives a glow to our skin as well as a lustrous shine to our hair.

Concept of Ayurveda and Gleaming Skin, Hair, Nails Formula

According to Ayurveda medicines, when we get imbalanced in any of the three doshas can cause diseases all over the body. This disturbance in the levels of Doshas can occur due to a bad lifestyle or bad dietary habits. If we discuss which doshas are getting involved in our skin issues then the very simple answer is all of the doshas can be involved. Like disturbance in Vata dosha can cause roughness, cracks, or fissures in the skin. Pitta can cause a burning sensation, pus, ulcerations, or redness in the skin. Kapha can cause swelling, itching, acne with fluid, etc. Ayurveda also gives a simple way to get rid of all of these, Ayurveda just understands the root cause and starts to work over this, pacifies all the doshas with an effective change in your dietary lifestyle, or in whole day activities. Helps in blocking the formation of toxins that are called Ama dosha in Ayurveda, which can directly affect the rakta and skin eventually.

Gleaming skin, hair, nails formula is prepared by four herbs : manjistha, pit papda, sariva and ghrit kumari. These all are very effective in balancing the doshas and maintaining the rakta dhatu properly. Our product is very good in maintaining the overall health of the skin and is very useful in detoxification of the body.

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Dosage: 1-2 Capsules twice daily, with plain water, after meals.

Herbs in Gleaming Skin, Hair, Nails Formula

Sr. No. Herb Used Latin Name Quantity
1 Manjistha Rubia cordifolia 200 gm
2 Pit Papda Fumaria officinalis 100 gm
3 Sariva Hemidesmus indicus 100 gm
4 Ghrit Kumari Aloe barbadensis 100 gm

1. Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia)

This is one of the best herbs that are used for blood cleansing, in Ayurveda, it is called rakta shodhak, which enhances the colour complexion, and prevents inflammatory diseases. It also pacifies Pitta dosha by harmonising the rakta dhatu which are helpful for all skin, hair, or nail diseases.

2. Pit Papda (Fumaria officinalis)

This consists of Tikta rasa, is of cold potency, and balances the pitta and Kapha dosha with sheet Gunna, this herb also helps to balance various systems of our body like circulation system, digestive system, etc. due to its pitta shamak benefit it is widely used in skin disorders.

3. Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus)

This herb is very effective due to its sweet and bitter rasa, and its cold potency. It is highly used to manage skin disorders, and blood toxins, enhance the colour complexion, promote beautification, and also cleanse the skin, this herb also helps to alleviate the Rakta and pitta dosha.

4. Ghrit Kumari (Aloe barbadensis)

This herb is used in our kitchen as a very common spice that is helpful in managing respiratory illnesses, this can be used to manage cough, bronchitis, cold or helps to loosen the phlegm in the respiratory system.

Dosage of Gleaming Skin, Hair, Nails Formula

1-2 Capsules twice daily, with plain water, after meals.

Few health-friendly tips with Gleaming Skin, Hair, Nails Formula

  • Avoid oily and spicy diet habits that can impure your circulatory system.
  • Avoid caffeine in things like tea, coffee, or cold drinks that also impure the blood.
  • Avoid using harsh soaps on the skin rather you can use Tea Tree-Aloe vera Premium Handmade Bathing Bar which is completely Ayurvedic and prepared by Planet Ayurveda.

Precaution tips with Gleaming Skin, Hair, Nails Formula

  • Take the prescribed dose to see proper results.
  • Don't try to take the extra dose to fasten the results.
  • Always seek an Ayurvedic doctor before taking any medicine.