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Herbal Remedies for Healthy Teeth - Gum Care Powder

Gum Care Powder

Gum Care Powder

Do you even know that if you ignore the health of your gums then it can affect your overall physical health?

Many people take gum health for granted. Only the cleaning of teeth or brightened colour of teeth are the only two things that are prioritised while gum health is totally neglected. During the maintenance of healthy teeth for a beautiful smile, your mom's health is also important. Gums are the soft tissues that give the seat for our teeth to lie with their roots and it also connects the bones of the jaw. So the gums are the supportive, protective part of the mouth. If gum health is not properly cared for then your mouth may develop periodontal gum diseases.

As we know, the oral cavity is the home of many micro-organisms, about 700 bacterial species lie in our mouth and many of them are bad for our health. Usually, gum diseases started from the building up of plaque and tartar in the teeth along with the gum line. Plaque can directly cause various diseases like gingivitis in which there can be inflammation, tenderness, swelling, and redness, and they tend to bleed more eagerly. But fortunately, this damage can be reversible.

Planet Ayurveda provides Gum Care Powder that is totally free from chemicals and any colours, dyes, and fillers. This is a herbo-mineral product, which is prepared with nine marvellous herbs and 1 mineral product. This preparation is very good for maintaining your gum health or you can say that its ingredients are good for the overall health of the mouth.

Benefits of Gum Care Powder

  • This product will help you to properly clean your buccal cavity.
  • Gum care Powder will reduce the swelling, tenderness, redness, pain or bleeding from the gums.
  • Maintains the strength of the oral cavity.
  • This product is not only working with gums health even it helps to give brighter shine to the teeth and relieves various chronic diseases of the mouth.
  • If your gums will be healthy it will definitely help to reduce the risk of various digestive tract issues.

Concept of Ayurveda and Gum Care Powder

Ayurveda is a holistic traditional science that has been followed by our Holy Acharyas and they have further spread their knowledge to the whole world. Ayurveda relies on three basic energies that are called vata, pitta, kapha. These doshas cause various physiological changes in our bodies. Mainly the subtype of kapha dosha lies in our oral cavity named Bodhaka Kapha. This bodhaka kapha have various functions.

  • It helps to maintain good oral health and regulates the good bacteria in our mouth.
  • Kapha dosha has its main function which is providing proper nourishment and lubrication to every part of the body, so here, Bodhaka Kapha is used to maintain the lubrication of oral tissue and prevent friction between them.
  • Bodhaka Kapha helps to maintain the temperature within the body and enhances immunity.

Gum Care powder manufactured by Planet Ayurveda is a great combination of marvellous herbs that is used to clean the teeth or oral cavity properly. This formulation helps to relieve gum infections or various gum-related diseases. It helps to develop various properties like Anti-oxidant in nature and helps to maintain healthy and nourished gums.

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Dosage: Massage your teeth and gums gently with 3-6 gm powder. Rinse the mouth with lukewarm water after 2-3 minutes.

Herbs in Gum Care Powder

Sr. No. Herb Used Latin Name Quantity
1 Sonthi Zingiber officinale 1 Part
2 Haritaki Terminalia chebula 1 Part
3 Mustak Cyprus rotundus 1 Part
4 Khadir Acacia catechu 1 Part
5 Karpur Cinnamomum camphora 1 Part
6 Poog Areca catechu 1 Part
7 Marich Piper nigrum 1 Part
8 Lavang Syzygium aromaticum 1 Part
9 Twak Cinnamomum zeylancia 1 Part
10 Safatika Alum 1 Part

1. Sonthi (Zingiber officinale)

It is the wonderful herb of choice that helps to kill the various microorganisms and helps to reduce gum bleeding, bad breath, and gives a soothing effect in the buccal cavity.

2. Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)

This is well known as Rasayana herb, strengthens the buccal mucosa and supports the gums to maintain their longevity and is considered to be the rebuilder of oral health.

3. Mustak (Cyperus rotundus)

It it reduces pain, eliminates dental cavities, and inflammation of gums, and helps in strengthening the gums with proper care of the oral cavity along with this all it helps to get rid of bad odour.

4. Khadir (Acacia catechu)

It is used as an immune booster widely used in gingivitis and gum diseases, is an antibacterial herb, promotes rejuvenation, used in blood-related disorders, and boosts oral health.

5. Karpur (Cinnamomum camphora)

It balances kapha and pitta dosha, helps in bleeding gums, maintains a healthy buccal cavity, and shows anti-microbial properties along with helps in strengthening the gums.

6. Poog (Areca catechu)

This herb balances Kapha and Pitta dosha, relieves bad breath, tightens the loosened gums, relieves any kind of inflammation from the gums and also removes toxins from the mouth.

7. Marich (Piper nigrum)

Marich is a powerful herb that is effectively used in gum disorders, it pacifies vata and kapha dosha in the body, also helps to remove the tartar and plaque with improvement in ulcerations of gums.

8. Lavang (Syzygium aromaticum)

Treats pain in teeth, and tongue, treats ulcers, and gum bleeding, boosts immunity, gives a soothing effect on the buccal cavity.

9. Twak (Cinnamomum zeylancia)

This is a miraculous herb that balances vata and kapha dosha and maintains good oral hygiene, relieves pain, bleeding, tartar, and plaque from the gums and gives a proper strengthening to the body.

10. Safatika (Alum)

This is traditionally used in our Indian system to clean the teeth, it gives relief from the tooth decay, helps in whitening of teeth, and also improves the calcium level in the teeth.

Usage of Gum Care Powder

Massage your teeth and gums gently with 3-6 gm powder. Rinse the mouth with lukewarm water after 2-3 minutes.

Few Health-Friendly Tips with Gum Care Powder

  • Brushing and flossing the mouth is very useful to clean up the gums and teeth.
  • Oil pooling is also very important to strengthen your gums, teeth, and buccal cavity.
  • A proper diet should be maintained that helps to nourish the teeth like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes are used for strengthening the buccal cavity.

Precaution tips with Gum Care Powder

  • Keep an eye on proper dental checkups to find out any disease that can harm the health of the gum.
  • Always ask first to your Dental practitioner before using any product within your mouth.
  • Keep it out from the reach of the children.