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Herbal Cure for Endometriosis - Complete Herbal and Vegetarian

Herbal Cure for Endometriosis - Ayurvedic Medicines-Natural Treatment

Endometriosis is the term that reflects the abnormality of endometrium. It is a tissue that lines the inside of the uterus and it sheds along with the unfertilized egg during every menstrual period. But in case of endometriosis, this tissue is found outside of the uterus like on the ovaries, fallopian tubes or other parts of the pelvic cavity. This leads to symptoms like painful menstruation and dyspareunia (painful sex).

Herbal Cure Endometriosis Pack

Shatavari Powder Kumari Saar Female health Support
Shatavari Powder Kumari Saar Female health Support
2 Bottles 2 Bottles (500 ML Each) 1 Bottle

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The above pack is for 30 days. Following is the dosage details:

Shatavari Powder: 2 teaspoons mixed with milk twice a day.
Kumari Saar 3 teaspoons mixed with equal quantity of water twice a day .
Female health Support: 1 capsules twice daily after food with plain water.

In their acute forms, PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), endometriosis and similar conditions are Pitta disorders showing accumulation of heat and stagnant blood, with infection and inflammation. Often the Liver has to be treated and the blood cleansed.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Endometriosis requires an anti-Pitta diet and regimen, avoiding all spices but turmeric, coriander and saffron, also refraining from salt, alcohol and refined sugar, and all oils but coconut and sunflower. Good herbs include Shatavari, Kumari Saar, Gotu kola, dandelion, myrrh and Echinacea. Strong bitters like gentian, katuka, and golden seal can be added to these. Shatavari is the drug of choice for treating this.

Endometriosis is more Kapha in nature with the excess growth of the uterine membrane. This is particularly the case when there is little infection. An anti-Kapha, anti-tumor and general detoxifying and reducing approach is useful with typical herbs like Guggul, myrrh, turmeric and dandelion. Black pepper and katuka or goldenseal can be taken with honey.

The natural herbs present in 'Female Health Support' helps in all the menstrual difficulties and acts as a natural tonic for the reproductive system. It gets rid of symptoms like painful menstruation, irregular menses etc. it is an excellent remedy for hormonal imbalance and cures the symptoms in a natural way. It is a wonderful medicine for ovarian cysts as well as uterine fibroids. On the whole it is a good rejuvenator for the female reproductive system.